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Broadstairs English Centre adheres to the following accommodation guidelines for under-18s set out by the British Council:

• The provider will normally be responsible for providing accommodation and all meals unless alternative arrangements have been made by the parent(s) or legal guardian and confirmed in writing.
• A responsible adult (known to and vetted by the provider) will always be present overnight and normally be present when students under 16 are at home or in residence.
• Providers will ensure that students under 16 lodged by them or their agency in homestay or residential accommodation will not be lodged with students of 18 years or older.
• In residential accommodation, the ratio of supervising adults to students will be at least 1:20 for students aged 12–17, and 1:15 for students under 12. First aid facilities and an appropriately trained member of staff will be available at all times, together with an arrangement with a local doctor in case of emergencies.

If you have any questions relating to the guidelines above, please contact Steph via the following email address: