Quality lessons
At Broadstairs English Centre we aim to achieve maximum language progress in the time our students are with us. Our English courses for teenagers have been designed to maximise practice and progression in key language areas depending on the level of the student and length of course. We aim to mix nationalities as much as possible in the classroom and lessons deal primarily with communication to develop oral fluency and accuracy, and to build confidence.

Tailored courses
Our English courses for teenagers have been developed by our Director of Studies, Dave Parsons. Dave has many years’ experience in teaching and course design for young people. Our teachers’ enthusiasm for the job means that our students are motivated and that they enjoy their classes. We make sure that our English courses are informative and engaging. We will only cover language and subject areas which are relevant to you and address your needs.

Lesson material
In the classroom we use a range of resources. We have designed lessons that have clear objectives and encourage lots of discussion. Although there is a strong emphasis on speaking, most lessons integrate all skills, grammar and areas of business. Where possible, we try to use up-to-date internet resources, making class activities more diverse and interesting. We make English courses fun and interactive, even when the content is serious! Our Director of Studies provides excellent support for our teaching team, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards on our English courses. Students are also provided with a course folder so they can keep lesson material organised.

Social programme 
This can be discussed before arrival and tailored to the individuals needs and interests.





These trips include a guided tour (if requested), travel and of course, free time for shopping!

All of our trips offer students the chance to see more of British culture. Whether it is history, architecture, museums, cathedrals and famous monuments, our trips have something for everyone. Importantly, the cost of travel is included in your course price. We use very modern, comfortable coaches with DVD facilities to keep you entertained on your journey!.

Please contact us to help us design your course.

Key Facts

Class hours: 15/20 hours per week

Accommodation: Homestay/student residence

Number of weeks: 1-4 weeks

Class size: 1-4

Class nationality:  Closed groups

Course entry test: Yes

Age range: 21+

Minimum level of English: A2

End of course certificate: Yes

Transfers: Available on request

Our Business courses provide professionals with the tools needed to use English as a business language. Courses are adapted to particular specialisations and combined with the all-important social English that Business users need to have to survive in meetings, conferences or on the golf course entertaining clients.